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Quarterly Report REP I Project

1. Introduction
This Quarterly Progress Report outlines progress from 31 Sept 2008 to 31 May 2009 on the Rural Electrification Phase I Project for Electricité du Laos (EDL).

The Project is being funded by the World Bank (the Bank) under Credit Nº 218-LA and GEF Grant TF056700-LA

2. Detailed Project Description
2.1 REP I Overall objectives

The objectives of the Adaptable Program Loan (APL) Program are to:
(i) Increase access to electricity of rural households in villages of targeted provinces ; and
(ii) Achieve sustainability of power sector development. The Program would provide access to electricity to some 106,000 rural households ; achieve financial sustainability of EDL;
(iii) Promote development of legal, regulatory and institutional framework; encourage other participants in sector development; provide a sound planning basis for electrification; and increase the efficiency of electricity delivery and consumption. Achievement of the objectives would be measured by:
a. Number of villages and households electrified;
b. Rate of return on EDL’s revalued assets;
c. E dL’s account receivables;
d. Measurable increase in awareness and adoption of energy efficiency technologies and practices among consumers;
e. EDL’s system losses;
f. Number of power generation projects under concessioning to independent power producers (IPP); and
g. Number of households electrified by non-utility developers with REF subsidies.

Phase I: (02/2006 – 09/2010). The Phase I Project would provide access to affordable and reliable electricity to rural households and initiate power sector reform activities targeted to improved financial performance of the power sector. The Project will focus on:

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